“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” — Bob Proctor

Welcome! I love that you’re thinking about investing in yourself. I can say with certainty that you will learn faster and grow more by learning from someone who has been there and made plenty mistakes along the way. I will teach you how to take what you already have and put it to better use in your films. I will give you the tips and tools I use myself to keep my wedding videography business growing and hitting new records each and every year.

First, take a look at Britley’s video about her experience with our mentorship. She talks about how she has grown in confidence and financial bottom line since completing her mentorship.

What Will You Learn?

  • Editing techniques to improve the pacing and emotional impact of your films.

  • Color correction and color grading techniques to improve the look of the films.

  • Audio tips to give your films the biggest single improvement.

  • Lighting tips to amp up your reception shots.

  • Stabilizing your camera for better moving shots.

  • More interesting shot composition.

  • How to shoot for Multicam scenarios like ceremonies and toasts.

  • The best gear to invest in to give the greatest impact to your films.

  • Timeline planning for more relaxed wedding days.

  • Tips for hiring and training second shooters.

  • Business management strategies to increase your professionalism and confidence.

  • Tips for pricing weddings to fit your level of mastery and skill as you grow.

  • Communication strategies to reach more clients and keep the ones you have happy.

  • How to keep your contracts, invoices, and emails organized.

  • Tips for choosing music and how to cut music to fit your edit.

  • Sound effects and when to apply them to your edit.

  • Tips for working well with wedding planners, photographers, and DJs.

  • Your own website, social media, and pricing guide feedback.

  • Real time feedback loop on one or more of your own films.

  • and more!


This is an open dialogue between you and me. Have a question about something i haven’t covered? Just ask.

How Much Is the Investment?

  • The mentorship is a 3 month commitment. There are no refunds and no rescheduling your term. I am investing everything I have learned from 10 successful years in this industry. You can expect me to be an open book for your benefit. I will expect you to apply what you are learning in real world scenarios in order for you to see results.

  • During this term, you and I will meet 5 times in person (or via Zoom if needed).

  • Most in person or Zoom meetings are 60 minutes long.

  • You will have access to my personal cell, which you are welcome to call anytime during business hours. You may also text me or email me.

  • I am your guide for your full 3 months. When a question or problem in your businesses arises, if you are struggling to solve it or you need a sounding board, reach out to me.

  • Your investment is three payments of 1650. It is very likely that you can and will see this investment returned to you and even doubled within the first year of this mentorship.

The fine print:

We will meet either at my home office or my co-working space. both are in Edmond. You will have “homework” to complete each time we meet. Not worksheets or essays, but things to do for your business that we’ve discussed previously. You will have access to my personal cell, which you are welcome to call anytime during business hours. You may also text me or email me. Payment one is due before our first meeting. Payment two is due within the first 30 days of our first meeting. Payment three is due within the first 60 days of our first meeting. Once you have completed our mentorship, I hope we will stay in touch, work together, and refer each other for years to come!