How we give back.

my mission

Hello Friend!

My heart’s desire is to show you that you hold unquestionable significance. You are special and worthy.  Your wedding film is your ticket to relive the most sacred day of your life thus far.  

It's important to capture your wedding story for future generations.  Why?  Not only because you'll want to remember how beautiful and special it was, but because your story speaks life into others!  Your story gives us all a reason to smile, to laugh, to hope, and to remember this life is all about love we give.

Thank you for giving my team and I the opportunity to document your most special day.  We treasure it more than you will know.

With loving thanks,

You are loved and accepted exactly as you are -

Beautiful, worthy, unique humans beings writing your own life story. 


We believe everyone deserves to see redemption through their love story; to know that no matter tragedy or trauma they’ve endured, they can be seen, understood and fully loved. Kaylie and Keegan have blessed the lives of millions by sharing their story here. It is our honor to share stories like these.

Each year we choose to gift a couple who have been through an incredibly difficult life event with a full VIP wedding film collection. 

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