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Hi, I'm Leslee!
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Hannah and Tyler met in college at Oklahoma State University. By the time they finished undergrad and Tyler had gone to Baylor for law school, they had a health crisis most young couples never have to experience. Tyler needed a kidney transplant. Ultimately Hannah was the only one who could donate to him in time to save his life.

Photos by Michelle Preau

We were able to spend the entire wedding weekend with in New Orleans where we captured Bourbon street toasts and partying, interviews, the rehearsal dinner, and the most heartfelt wedding.

I asked Hannah a few questions about her wedding weekend, and here is what she had to say.

Leslee: Having been a wedding planner yourself, what was it like to plan your own wedding?

Hannah: It was a challenge for sure. I think I had this mindset of “I’ve been trained by the incomparable Leslie Herring and Morgan Sanders, I know what to look for. Enter pandemic and everything is turned upside down. Morgan did an amazing job at guiding me through the planning process as a bride and also respecting our decisions and conversations as her peer. At the end of the day, it’s proof that we can’t do everything on our own– invest in quality vendors who you can hand everything over to! 

Leslee: What are your favorite memories of your wedding weekend?  Why?

Hannah: My favorite memories had to be spending time with everyone on Bourbon, pre-wedding night. We caught up throughout the days leading up to the wedding and it made my heart smile to just be near those special people on wedding day. No time was wasted at the reception so we got to party! Also, my sweet dad was so willing to learn our father daughter dance within two days of the wedding. My bridesmaids helped, all 13 of us crammed in the hotel room, cheering us on, counting our steps, and even learning the moves to help him understand. He would have us record the good takes and then go home and practice. I tear up thinking about how much it meant to him to get every step right and practice every chance we got- he literally went to the bars with us after rehearsal just so we could practice for 15 minutes. 

Leslee: If you did it all over again, what would you change (if anything) and why?

I know that I’m supposed to say “nothing, everything happens for a reason” but I’m just not that girl 😉 I wish I would have had more moments captured with my maid of honor, she gifted my earrings to me and I totally forgot to note it to vendors. As well as having her fix my dress, adjust my veil, cliche moments like that! I also wish I would have done some sort of “get these photos with xyz” person in regards to guests. We checked off family, wedding party, etc. but there were guests I totally spaced on wanting a photo with until after wedding- you can’t plan on your brain working like normal that day, haha! Maybe even some sort of quick drive by style photos with guests. 

Leslee: What would you say to couples who aren’t sure about videography?

I think it’s ok to be unsure, because it means you may not understand the value in it (yet). Even as a photographer, I am openly saying that nothing can capture your big day/weekend and it’s special moments, words and continuous reactions the way that videography does. Still images capture a splice of a second. The sound of a belly laugh from your best friend, a lump in the throat of your brother at your first look or the chants from 100 of your best friends can’t be heard in a photo. Speeches, little moments between you and your spouse, or funny moments you missed because you’re a little busy can all be captured and kept forever in a video. Not only should you invest in videography, but you should invest in Leslee to capture the best, most ultimate weekend of your lives. 

Aww, thank you sweet Hannah! We sure did love being there to celebrate with you two and your families! You haven’t seen the last of us yet. We’ll be staying in touch to watch your beautiful life together get better and better.

Planning and Coordination: Morgan Marie Events

Photography: Michelle Preau Photography

Floral: Bee’s Wedding and Events

Venue: Audubon Zoo Tea Room

Rentals: Party Rentals

Accomomdations: Hilton New Orleans St Charles

All music in this film has been licensed from Music Bed MB01G5DGRUUPIZK

- madison

“She helped me throughout the entire engagement, even when I had questions that didn't have to do with videography! I worried about NOTHING my wedding day because she spent time laying out the day and made sure it was flawless, making sure I felt confident in everything! Most importantly, I felt like I came out of the engagement and wedding day with a new friend. If "infinite stars" was a choice, I would choose it - but I guess I'll settle with 5!!!”

"Not only is Leslee a joy to work with, she is extremely professional, and one of the kindest people I know!"

- blaire

"I've got nothing but compliments on the video, and I have nothing but compliments about her professionalism and kindness! She is the absolute sweetest person you will ever meet, and constantly strives to make your day perfect and meet your needs. I SO HIGHLY recommend Leslee for your videographer!”

"After one "get to know you" phone call, we were already good friends and I knew she'd do a great job!"

- jessica

"On my wedding day, I was worried it may be awkward having someone I don't know in the room while I was getting ready, but it was the complete opposite of that. She fit right in and was actually a really calming presence to have around. When we got our video, I watched it immediately over and over again and couldn't stop crying. It was so beautifully put together. We got SO many compliments on it. My brother didn't even cry when his own children were born and he teared up watching our wedding video!! That's how good Leslee is!”

"I don't even have the words to say how amazing Leslee is!"

- jessica

“She is insanely talented and was able to create a film that highlighted all of our favorite moments throughout the day and included all of our favorite people. I am so grateful that we chose Leslee as our videographer, and I couldn't recommend her enough. She has such a warm and calming presence and was so so sweet to work with.”

"After seeing our film and working with Leslee it was truly like she had known us for years"